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Welcome to Danzan Ryu NYC. You've come to the right place to begin your martial arts training or expand it into new dimensions. Our classes are a mixture of conditioning, skills acquisition, and training that will make you stronger, more able, and more confident. You will learn skills for self-defense, for competition, and for improving your overall health and energy.

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We offer several classes per week plus special training sessions and workshops. Danzan Ryu, the "Hawaiian style" Jujitsu founded by Henry Okazaki in the first half of the 20th century, is a mixture of traditional Japanese Jujitsu, competition Judo, and modern practical self-defense techniques.

Who should join? Everyone looking to improve his or her physical abilities and acquire both practical and esoteric martial arts skills. At this time, we only train adults. Some students have had previous martial arts training, and others are starting fresh. The best way to find out if Danzan Ryu Jujitsu is right for you is to come watch a class and talk with our school head, Sensei J.C. Islander, or another senior intructor.

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