J .C. Islander
Sensei Islander is the senior instructor and school head of Danzan Ryu NYC. He holds a black belt in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. He received his 4th degree black belt in Karate Do under Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura. He received his 2nd degree black belt in Ying Jow Pai (Northern Eagle Claw) under Sifu Shum Leung. Sensei Islander is also proficient in Wu style Tai Chi Chuan with 8 years of intensive study. He has competed in a number of full-contact Karate, Judo, and Jujitsu tournaments.

Sandy Chase
Sempai Chase holds a 2nd degree black belt in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and is an instructor at Danzan Ryu NYC. His movement background includes gymnastics, professional modern dance, and anatomy and biomechanics research.
Professor Tom Hill
Visiting Jujitsu Instructor
Professor Hill has studied Dan Zan Ryu for 36 years and has been head instructor at Shum Pu Kan dojo in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania since 1981. He was recently promoted to Professor with the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation, and holds the rank of Rokudan (6th grade). He also holds a sandan (3rd grade) in Meshin Muso Ryu Iaido and sandan with the All United States Kendo Federation.

Clyde Worthen
Visiting Judo Instrcutor
Sensei Worthen is head instructor of Tech Judo. He holds a 6th degree black belt in Judo and has competed in many national and international level Judo tournaments, including winning the gold medal in the Pan American Games.

Franko Ferris
Visiting Jujitsu Instrcutor
Sensei Ferris is founder and school head of High Sierra Jujitsu in Reno, Nevada. He holds a 5th degree black belt in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. He also incorporates Shotokan Karate, Kendo (Sword Fighting), Modern Arnis (Filipino knife and stick fighting), Hawaiian Kempo, and Submission Grappling into his instruction.

Ward Melenich
Visiting Jujitsu Instructor
Sensei Melenich is co-sensei of Kuroinukan and Duluth Judo Club in Duluth, Minnesota. He holds a 5th degree black belt in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu as well as a black belt in Judo from USA Judo.