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This is a partial list of terms we commonly use in the dojo.  Note that some words have broader meanings than what is listed here.  We encourage you to make your own study of unfamiliar terms to learn about the language and culture that we have adopted for instruction. Also note there is more than one way to spell may of these words since they are transliterated from Japanese.  And as with any "borrowed words" between cultures, the pronunciation and meaning change over time from their original use.  For translations of techniques, download a blank notebook (above). If you would like to invest in a comprehensive martial arts dictionary specific to Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, order this CD from Professor "T.J." Jenkins.

Atemi AH-TEM-EE Strike(s)
Banzai BAHN-ZAI Rallying cry (literally '10,000 years' or 'live long')
Dan DAHN Rank (blackbelt rank)
Dantien DAHN-TEE-EN Source of body’s internal physical energy, located just below the navel
Dojo DOH-JOH Training hall
Domo arigato gozaimasu DOH-MO AR-EE-GAH-TOW GO-ZAI-EE-MAS-(OO) Thank you very much (gozaimasu is a formal suffix). Said at the end of class in appreciation of our training partners and the instructor
Dozo DOH-ZOH Please proceed
Fah jing FAH JING (Chinese) Explosive power
Gi GEE Training uniform based on Japanese kimono
Hai HAI Yes
Hajime HA-JIM-AY Begin
Hara HAR-AH Belly; center of the body; location of Dantien
Judo JOO-DOH Way of suppleness, Judo is a competition sport
Jujitsu JOO-JIT-SOO Art of suppleness, Jujitsu encompasses battlefield and self-defense techniques
Ki KEE Life force, energy
Kiai KEE-AI Spirit shout
Kiba-dachi KEE-BAH-DAH-CHEE Horse-riding stance, feet more than shoulder width apart, knees bent, feet point forward
Kyu KYOO Class (lower belt rank)
Mate MAH-TAY Stop immediately
Newaza NAY-WAH-ZAH Ground fighting
Obi OH-BEE Belt
Onigashimasu OH-NEE-GAHSH-EE-MAHS-(OO) Thank you for doing me this favor.  Said at the beginning of class out of respect for our training partners and teacher
Osu OHS-(OO) Informal greeting, acknowledgement (short for ohayo gazaimasu); loud affirmation meaning 'to persevere under harsh conditions'
Otogaini rei OH-TOH-GUY-NEE RAY (order) Bow to each other
Professor-ni rei PRO-FES-SOR NEE RAY (order) Bow to the professor
Rei RAY (order) Bow
Seiza SEY-ZAH Kneeling
Sensei SEHN-SAY Teacher
Sensei-ni rei SEN-SAY NEE RAY (order) Bow to the teacher
Shen SHEN (Chinese) Inner light, spirit
Shomen SHOW-MEN Head; sacred area at the head of the dojo that includes a small Shinto shrine, sacred artifacts, and pictures of the founders of the art
Shomen-i rei SHOW-MEN-EE RAY (order) Bow to the Shomen; in our dojo we do not consider this a religious act, but rather a way of showing respect for the founders of the art and to your own internal fighting spirit
Suriashi SUR-EE-AHSH-(EE) Sliding step forward (legs do not cross)
Sutemi SOO-TEM-EE Forward tumbling fall, literally 'to abandon one'sself'
Tai sabaki TAI SAH-BAH-KEE Body movement
Wei chi WAY CHEE (Chinese) Protective energy
Yame YAH-MAY (order) Stop, finish up
Yawara YAH-WAHR-AH Suppleness
Zanshin ZAHN-SHIN Mat presence, relaxed alertness
Zenpo kaiten ZEN-POH KAI-TEN Forward roll